Splash! edutainment kids app in partnership with the Science Museum
In partnership with the Science Museum

To create and bring to market the first of a series of fun education apps aimed at kids aged five and under. Endorsed and benefitting from the learning teams at the Science Museum, “Splash!” is a ‘sand-box’ toy app that encourages kids to explore water and physical properties through play and experimentation. 


Play centers around floating and sinking, and uses a wide range of fun objects that drop into a bath of reactive, simulated water. Will they sink or float? What happens when they collide? What will make the biggest splash? Using intuitive motion techniques, Splash! breaks beyond the traditional digital boundaries as children can tip, twist and turn their device to make the water splash, slide and flow across the screen.


The play environment offers endless possibilities for children to creatively explore and discover this watery world by changing temperatures, mixing in colours or just pulling the plug out and starting all over again! It has been the number one kids app in several Asian Pacific territories and was recently invited to feature on the Toys R Us own U.S. Tabeo tablet platform.