Dorchester Collection, Luxury Hotel Exploration App
Dorchester Collection

Develop a luxury iPad and iPhone application that profiles each of the Dorchester Collections world famous hotels. Using the app, users can tour each hotel, check out special offers and book their stay. Using an augmented reality view finder, the app will allow hotel visitors to explore attractions around each hotel. The app content will be updatable by a Content Management System, allowing each hotel to manage their own content.


A hi-end native app was created that reflects the prestige and luxury offered by each of the Dorchester Collections hotels. The user interface is kept simple and refined, reflecting the Dorchester Collections branding and offering a clear and simple journey to users who may well be on the move or travelling. Attractions near to the user are pin-pointed and detailed on a live video overlay view.


An app that offers a fantastic balance between usability and innovative technology. At every point of app development we remained user focused. Our aim was to create an app that worked seamlessly and beautifully across the range of typical use cases. These ranged from tourists using the app to locate an attraction in a new city to prospective customers browsing the app from the comfort of the own home.